As another year quickly passes us by it is time yet again for the Halloween celebrations, fancy treats, parties and a lot of fun. People have already started their preparation and are looking for the hottest trends of the year, so we decided to put together our own list of fancy homemade makeups for Halloween. These complied face paints are done using only some basic products which are easily available at your home like talcum powder, lipstick, mascara and eye shadow among other things. This is sure to get you inspired to make some awesome ideas of your own which may seem like they’ve been done by a professional artist, here are some excellent examples of what you can create at home with some basic makeup items.

1) The Joker Makeup

Halloween Joker Makeup

source: PrettyDesigns

We are all familiar with the “Joker” facepaint idea which got immensely famous after Heath Ledgers fanatic performance in the Batman Movie, now there is a new way to wear the very same look. Here we have an excellent idea based on the “Joker” theme which could be a great idea for Halloween, the girl in the image has used regular lipstick to make the bloody smile that reflects the signature joker style. Further, she has used colors like dark blue, black and even a little turquoise eye shadow, and to add it all up she has also used some glitter to create huge tear marks and the look is completed with fat out-liner for the eyebrows which make it one of the most common yet iconic homemade makeups for Halloween.

2) Zombie Face Paint

Halloween Zombie Face Paint

source: Funzine

Another trending face paint idea this year around is the half alive and half dead face design for Halloween, there are a ton of people trying this out and the results are fantastic. In the image we see an example where the makeup has been completed using ingredients like talcum powder, a basic moisturizing cream, some lip stick and contact lens to create an intense half face look. The painted side of the face is made to look lifeless and bruised using lipstick patching techniques. The final look is pretty unique and a pretty impressive idea for Homemade makeups for Halloween.

3) Creepy Clown

Halloween Clown Makeup Idea

source: Cute DIY Projects

There are limitless possibilities in homemade makeups for Halloween, this one is something between Cheshire Cat from Alice in wonderland and the freaky clown that has stars made around the eyes. Here we have a nice example where the paint with the most basic items including talcum powder, eye shadows and a little lipstick too, the models mouth is painted to look similar to the Cheshire Cat from Alice in wonderland the art covers most of the mouth and chin as well. Whereas the eye makeup is kept very simple with eye shadow spikes around both the eyes which has been made to look like huge eyelashes and the look is completed with yellow colored contact lenses.

4) Spooky Skeleton Makeup

Halloween Spooky Skeleton Makeup Design


This is a fantastic face paint for Halloween which can easily be done at home using basic makeup items and exotic zombie lenses called scarela that are available over the internet easily and are quite popular around Halloween time. The girl in the image is made to look spectacularly horrific with basic painting around the eyes, lips and down the neck to resemble a amazing ghoul, the hair color and the contact lenses are greatly complimenting the look. This is truly one of the greatest homemade designs for Halloween, try out some mixing and matching of different ideas to create your own Halloween look.