You are engaged and about to dwell in the most important day of your life- your wedding. But wait, there is much to do before and that needs proper planning. Weddings may seem stressful for both bride and groom if no planning is done beforehand. It is always good to organize and make a blueprint just after you get the ring. Here is where to start when planning a wedding.

1. Pick up a date

The first thing to do after your engagement is to set a suitable date for the wedding. This will help you in further planning. Unless you decide a date, you will not be able to prepare yourself and plan accordingly. It will help you to book the venue, call the guest and prepare yourself for the day.

2. Write it down

The best way to ward off the stress that comes when planning a wedding is to write down each and everything so that you don’t miss anything. Create a separate notebook and start making a priority list. Make different columns for different days and start writing down as new ideas pop up in your mind. Make a guest list with their phone numbers so that you may call them for the event later on. Also decide what to wear for the day and order your favorite dress as soon as possible. Keep updating your checklist so that you can clear off your mind.

3. Search for the venue

Since you have already set the date for your wedding, you may now find a venue and book it for the day. There could be many wedding venues available in your locality, but choosing the right one could be a challenge. Also, the sooner you choose, you increase your chances of getting your favorite one. Make sure the venue is easily accessible and has ample parking for your guests. Also, find out whether they arrange music, lighting, and food. If not, you have to hire them separately. Never go for the lowest bid, always ensure that your guests are well accommodated in the venue that you choose.

4. Call the guests

Calling the guests is very crucial and time consuming. You may make the task easier by creating a list. This will ensure that no one is left out. Try calling all your relatives, including those you hardly talk to. Make them feel special and ask them to join the special occasion. If you have very close relatives nearby, consider visiting their home if you have time in hand.

5. Try your dress

Your dress is probably the most important part of your wedding. The first thing your guests notice is how you look in your wedding dress. Select what you will be wearing for the day and order it beforehand. Try the final fitting and order an alter if it does not fit you properly. This will save the last minute altering stress and let you stay calm to enjoy the occasion completely.